Deciding on your treatment options for how to get rid of bed bugs in your home or business, can be one of the most important decisions you can ever make. With all the various sprays and other touted methods available the decision process can be quite daunting and often times very confusing. We will attempt to help you unravel this tangled web by providing you with some factual information regarding these options.


The long time most accepted method and the one most favored by pest control companies is to treat your home with toxic pesticides. These pesticides are known to be effective (sometimes), but come with some very definite drawbacks.

First of these, of course, is pesticides are highly toxic to humans and pets and a known carcinogen. Our research tells us that there is no proof available indicating that any person has ever died from a bed bug bite, but certainly deaths from pesticide absorption are well documented.

There is a secondary class of pesticides known as pyrethroids and various forms of these pyrethroids are found in many do it yourself treatment sprays and used by pest control companies. There are even claims being made that pyrethroids are safe and this is certainly not true. In an article written by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) it is clearly stated “you would be better doing nothing than treating your home with pyrethroids”*. This chemical is a neurotoxin and quite simply is harmful to humans and pets.

In addition to the harmful effects of pesticides, there is the extensive logistical nightmare of preparing your home for a pesticide treatment. The pest control company may charge as much as a few thousand dollars for the treatment, but this cost often times pales in comparison to the costs associated with often having to discard expensive home furnishings. Mattresses and box springs may need to be discarded as does infested upholstered furniture; they cannot be legally treated with pesticides and heat treatments are not always 100% effective.

If you have had the misfortune of having to deal with a bed bug infestation, it also needs to be stated that the pesticide treatment may need to be repeated for weeks, or longer, as new hatchlings emerge, and most distressingly may not work at all. It has now been documented that certain bed bug strains have begun to develop immunities to the pesticides being used to control them and do not work on the future strains being hatched**. Manufacturers are then forced to continually develop new pesticides, when the old ones fail to work against certain new strains of bed bugs.

We at Lights Out are proud to say that our safe and natural bed bug killing spray is 100% non-toxic to humans and pets and simply needs to be applied according to label directions. Once your Lights Out’s application has dried (about 1 hour) your bed bug infestation has been properly treated. There is no need to discard expensive furnishings. You may also rest easy, in knowing, that your home has not been sprayed with carcinogens or neurotoxins. Our bed bug killing sprays are soy based, non-toxic and 100% safe to humans and pets. The secret formula was bio-engineered by a team of scientists and it is the culmination of a complicated laboratory controlled process, which must adhere to an exact and lengthy order and very precise laboratory conditions. The final result is a bed bug killing spray, that due to its unique residual components also eliminates the bed bug infestation.

Ineffective "Safe" & "Natural" Products

There is a class of bed bug sprays that manufacturers refer to as safe, all natural, green, or any other adjective that might suggest the contents of their bottle is not harmful to humans. Lights Out falls under this category but our products work differently. Let’s look at what these other guys claim:

Following along with the so-called “green” designation, these manufacturers are also stating that their product is effective for killing bed bugs. We must back up a second and point out, that the product label attached to the bottle must state the ingredients contained in that bottle. If you look through enough different bottles purporting themselves to kill bedbugs you will come across any number of different active ingredients, most of them legitimately non-toxic. However just because it is non-toxic does not mean it really works to control bed bug infestations.

There are essential oils of many varieties (cedar, clove, lemon, peppermint, rose, etc.), some products contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate, which is generally used in shampoos and other cleansing products. Much of the time manufacturers mix some of these chemicals together and call it their bed bug killing spray. We have seen some manufacturers also try to market a soy based formula, which is the main active ingredient in Lights Out; however the similarity and effectiveness of their product will end there. Without being able to duplicate our highly secret process these manufacturers may as well claim that a bicycle is the same as a jet plane, because they both have tires.

There are even manufacturers mixing a pesticide based killing agent into their product and then adding a non-toxic ingredient, such as an essential oil, and then calling their product “green”, which it most certainly is not. A Rutgers University study found that a few of these products did achieve bed bug mortality, within ten days, but were in fact “worthless in the real world for controlling bed bug infestations”***. The study also found that most of the products calling themselves green or non-toxic did not work at all. How is it that a few of them did achieve bed bug mortality, but were considered worthless for controlling bed bug infestations? The answer lies in the fact that these products only kills the bed bugs that are visible and most bed bugs are the opposite of visible and hide in cracks, crevices and behind walls. The female bed bugs continue to lay eggs, which are hidden better than the bed bugs themselves, and those eggs hatch every 10-14 days, continuing the infestation Also products taking 10 days to achieve mortality are not really effective because the female bed bugs that do not die immediately, then also lay more very well hidden eggs.

Lights Out begins to achieve visible bed bug mortality within minutes and comes with a residual compound, in the formula, that is effective in killing the bed bugs for up to 30 days.**** This residual compound dries on the surfaces onto which it is sprayed and as the bed bugs, that you could not see to spray, crawl through it later, it begins to kill them then.

How is it that we know that the hidden bed bugs will eventually crawl through our residual compound? Our scientific studies show us that bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, as they know their food source (us) is at the end of that carbon dioxide. The facts are that you can kill all the bed bugs you can see, but this is meaningless to eliminating the bed bug infestation, unless you also have a way to kill the ones you cannot see.

Lights Out begins to kill the visible bed bugs, within minutes, and then kills the non-visible bed bugs, including all the newly hatched bed bugs coming out the eggs hidden so well by the female. The thirty day residual compound in Lights Out guarantees that you have completely eliminated the infestation because you will ultimately kill all of them no matter what stage of their life cycle they are in. Our products are safe, all natural, 100% non-toxic to humans and pets and eliminate bed bug infestations.

Any other competitor that states that they do we simply ask that they provide true independent laboratory testing certifying this fact. Lights Out has this testing, as done by the prestigious American Academy of Entomological Science; we do not believe anyone else has this same kind of testing and their product will not perform to the standard of both killing bed bugs and eliminating the bed bug infestation.

False Claims by the Other Guys

This matter of claims that many manufacturers make, about the purported efficacy of their bed bug spray for killing bed bugs and controlling infestations, has been a matter that has caused the Federal Trade Commission to take action against certain manufacturers making these false claims*****.

When the FTC decides to take punitive action in the matter of false claims they literally attempt to fine the offending company out of business. Unfortunately these legal actions take time and some of these very same products remain on the market today.

Often times these unscrupulous manufacturers simply start a new company & rebottle their product under a new name, or sell it to another company who does the same thing. When deciding how to get rid of bed bugs and what products to use, this crucial decision should be guided by what product has the actual independent laboratory testing that will prove its claim, to both kill bed bugs & also eliminate bed bug infestations.

Lights Out has this testing & anyone that doesn’t should have their claims carefully considered for truth & accuracy.

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Happy Customers

“Lights Out worked perfectly. I was very pleased with the product and have not seen even a single bug since the last treatment. I treated very thorough and did a second treatment three weeks later. Great product.”

– Keith A, Charlotte, N.C.

“Lights Out worked as advertised. I followed the directions on the label and got rid of my bed bug problem”.

– Patty R, Nashville, TN

“I saved thousands of dollars in professional pest control costs by using Lights Out on my bed bug problems and best of all it worked great”!

– Cindy F, Napa, CA


If you wish to eliminate a bed bug infestation, in your home or business, treat the affected area yourself with a safe and non-toxic spray and rest easy in your own bed that night knowing that your have effectively treated the entire bed bug infestation, then Lights Out is the only product on the market that can make that claim