Lights Out received the following Certification Letter from the American Academy of Entomological Sciences

We are proud to have the AAoES test and certify our product. Following is the testing certification letter for our product:


Dated February 26, 2014. Lights Out has proudly received testing certification from the American Academy of Entomological Sciences certifying that our product is ”non-toxic according to EPA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) standards, to qualify for 25 (b) rule exemption” and is “effective in the elimination and prevention as to the insect pests indicated on the label”. We submitted Lights Out, for independent testing, to the American Academy of Entomological Science, because the AAOES is considered the gold standard for testing laboratories and any findings and certification attributable to this facility would be considered to be accurate, without question.

The AAOES is located in Madison, Mississippi and their mission is to provide consultation services to clients around the world, on assisting them to achieve their pest control product objectives, and to provide third party independent testing services for new products entering the marketplace.

The Managing Director of the AAOES is Dr. Jeffrey Brown and he is considered to be one of the foremost forensic entomologists in the world today. Dr. Brown currently also serves as the Bureau Director and State Medical Entomologist for the State of Mississippi, but also had an extensive career in private industry and served with distinction in the military where he received a tri-service commendation medal from the Department of Defense for his work on creating Disease Vector Ecology Profiles. The military found Dr. Brown’s DVEP’s to have a major impact on the health of military personnel worldwide, due to diseases of public health importance.


Happy Customers

“Lights Out worked perfectly. I was very pleased with the product and have not seen even a single bug since the last treatment. I treated very thorough and did a second treatment three weeks later. Great product.”

– Keith A, Charlotte, N.C.

“Lights Out worked as advertised. I followed the directions on the label and got rid of my bed bug problem”.

– Patty R, Nashville, TN

“I saved thousands of dollars in professional pest control costs by using Lights Out on my bed bug problems and best of all it worked great”!

– Cindy F, Napa, CA


If you wish to eliminate a bed bug infestation, in your home or business, treat the affected area yourself with a safe and non-toxic spray and rest easy in your own bed that night knowing that your have effectively treated the entire bed bug infestation, then Lights Out is the only product on the market that can make that claim