Lights Out Bed Bug Killer


Is Lights Out a safe product to use for killing bed bugs?

Our product ingredients have been independently tested by the American Academy of Entomological Sciences and they have certified that these ingredients are non-toxic according to EPA “Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)” standards and furthermore qualify for the EPA 25(b) rule exemption. Lights Out are 100% non-toxic to humans and mammals.

What are the directions for use of Lights Out?

First all debris should be removed from floors, closets, drawers, cabinets, and other enclosed surfaces and disposed of in tightly sealed plastic bags. Carpets should be vacuumed and vacuum bag should be disposed of in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Furnishings should be moved away from the wall to allow access. Drawers should be removed and placed on end so inside and underside are exposed. Cushions and pillows should be removed from chairs, couches, and beds. Drapes should be closed so the surfaces can be sprayed.

Remove headboards, headboard supports, pictures, wall hangings, and any other fixtures so Lights out can be applied to all surfaces. All bedding and pillow cases should be removed and placed in plastic bags and laundered. The box spring should be removed from the mattress so the entire bed frame, railings, wheel and support assemblies are exposed. Remove cloth from bottom of box spring and spray inside box spring; dispose of cloth, in tightly sealed bag, as it may contain eggs.

Shake bottle vigorously and spray as a mist and apply to all surfaces including carpeting, cushions, drapes, drawer surfaces, furniture joints, mattress, box spring, baseboards, and all other surfaces in the room. On hard floored surfaces spray cracks and crevices with a stream not a mist. Lightly spray bedspread or comforter. Spray all surfaces so they are just damp not saturated. Once all surfaces have dried all furnishings can be replaced to proper location and room reoccupied.

Why does Lights Out work better than competitor’s products?

Lights Out is the only 100% non-toxic bed bug killing product with actual independent laboratory testing certifying its efficacy for killing bedbugs and eliminating bed bug infestations. Other competitive products claiming to also be safe and effective only have their claims and cannot prove them with true independent laboratory test results. It is important to note that a truly effective product must both kill all visible and all hidden bed bugs, including the newly hatched nymphs, which will not emerge from their eggs for 10-14 days after the onset of the infestation.

What is the duration of effectiveness of a Lights Out treatment?

Lights Out will begin achieving visible bed bug mortality within 5 minutes and then continue to kill the hidden bed bugs and the bed bugs that come out from unhatched eggs, for a period of thirty days from initial application. It is important to note that the resulting effectiveness and duration of the treatment is best achieved by following the room preparation and product application instructions, as indicated on the “Directions For Use” instructions on the product label.

How long does the Lights Out treatment take before it begins to be effective?

Bed bugs that are visible will begin to die within 5 minutes of beginning the spray application. Those bed bugs that are hidden and not visible will continue to die for a period of thirty days after application, once they leave their hiding places and crawl through the residual compounds that are adhering to sprayed surfaces. “Directions For Use” instructions on the product label should be followed as indicated.

How much Lights Out does it take to treat my home or affected area?

One quart of either product will treat an area of 300 square feet, about the size of one large bedroom.

Is Lights Out Bed Bug Killer effective for killing other insects?

Both products are also effective against other hard-shelled insects, including cockroaches, ants, millipedes, centipedes, carpet beetles, fleas and ticks.


Happy Customers

“Lights Out worked perfectly. I was very pleased with the product and have not seen even a single bug since the last treatment. I treated very thorough and did a second treatment three weeks later. Great product.”

– Keith A, Charlotte, N.C.

“Lights Out worked as advertised. I followed the directions on the label and got rid of my bed bug problem”.

– Patty R, Nashville, TN

“I saved thousands of dollars in professional pest control costs by using Lights Out on my bed bug problems and best of all it worked great”!

– Cindy F, Napa, CA


If you wish to eliminate a bed bug infestation, in your home or business, treat the affected area yourself with a safe and non-toxic spray and rest easy in your own bed that night knowing that your have effectively treated the entire bed bug infestation, then Lights Out is the only product on the market that can make that claim