The continuing bed bug epidemic plaguing this country right now has resulted in an especially difficult treatment situation, in the form of infestations in homes, apartments and even businesses that have been in existence for 90 days or longer.

Bed bug infestations, of this duration, will take longer to completely eliminate. The females have had the opportunity, during this time, to lay thousands of eggs that are generally hidden in almost totally inaccessible places. They will also have spread to multiple rooms in a home and will be behind walls, in electrical outlets, mattresses and box springs, furnishings, closets, drawers and many other locations. In any bed bug infestation around 60% of the bed bugs are hidden and just killing the visible ones will not eliminate the problem. The female’s eggs will hatch about 10-14 days after they are laid and then these newly hatched eggs become breeders who lay even more eggs; giving rise to whole new generations of bed bugs. These eggs are resistant to all poisons, or other compounds, and the only way to treat them is to kill the newly hatched nymphs after they emerge.

Calling a pest control company to treat an infestation, that has gone on for 90 days or more, will necessitate their return several times over a few month period, as it is impossible to get to all of the places that the eggs are hidden,and each time they will treat your home with poisonous pyrethroid based pesticides. Research has shown that many strains of bed bugs have developed immunity to these poisons, as a result of their previous use.Lights Out is completely safe and 100% non-toxic to humans and pets; it will kill on contact (insect mortality occurs within minutes) and when the eggs hatch generally 10-14 days after being laid they will also be killed when they come in contact with Lights Out unique residual compounds. Lights Out is also the only non-toxic bio-pesticide that has true independent third party laboratory testing certifying its safety and efficacy.

An infestation of 90 days or longer may require 2 to 3 applications over a 30-60 day period, as it is necessary to continue killing the bed bugs emerging from the thousands of eggs that have been laid over this extended period. Lights Out will safely work to eliminate any bed bug infestation, regardless of duration, but those longer infestations will require 2-3 treatments over a 60 day, or perhaps even longer period depending on how long the infestation has been in existence.