If you have made it to this website you are most likely looking for a safe and effective treatment option for the bed bug infestation you are dealing with. You are, no doubt, well aware that spraying any type of poisonous pesticide product in your home is a significant threat to you and your family’s well-being; yet you must do something.

As you examine your options for safe treatment alternatives, you are finding a myriad of products on the market advertising themselves as safenon-toxicgreen, or some other innocuous sounding product description. How do you decide what product to purchase?

Is there some way to sort through all of the numerous claims and testimonials manufacturers make purporting their product to be the safe answer to your bed bug problems?

The first extremely relevant bit of information you should know is that all manufacturers must provide what is known as  a MSDS on their product. MSDS means Material Safety Data Sheet, and it can almost always be found by searching the brand name of the product. I Google needed facts and information so often I always call it “taking Professor Google’s class.”

This MSDS has a lot of information on it, but for our purposes we only need the information found on page one of the MSDS, under “Active Ingredients.” I have selected the MSDS of a so-called safe and effective bed bug killing spray commonly available on the market, and following are the three major active ingredients listed on their MSDS:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • sodium chloride
  • citric acid

If you simply access the knowledge base to be  found on Wikipedia on these products, it is noted that sodium lauryl sulfate is an active ingredient found in shampoo and other hygiene and cleaning products. Sodium chloride is basic table salt and has uses as a condiment and a food preservative. Citric acid is also used as a preservative and to add a sour taste to certain food products.

What you will not find no matter how much you search is any proof in the form of true independent laboratory testing that any of these active ingredients found in this well-known product has any efficacy for the killing of bed bugs and the elimination of the bed bug infestation. Other competitive products list essential oils, compounds found in fragrances, and other fruit based compounds. However, I do not need to list any more of the MSDS forms for any of the other products also calling themselves “a safe and effective” bed bug killing spray because the exact same result of the research can be noted: none of the other competitive products calling themselves “safe and effective” (except for Lights Out) have any proof that they work to both kill bed bugs and eliminate the bed bug infestation.

Real proof in the scientific world is independent laboratory testing certifying that the product tested does what it claims it does. Lights Out has this proof, this independent laboratory testing, from the prestigious  American Academy of Entomological Science, certifying it is safe and effective in both killing bed bugs and eliminating the bed bug infestation.

Don’t Take My Word for It

I urge you to conduct your own research on any safe and effective bed bug killing spray you are considering. Google the MSDS and research the active ingredients. None of them will have any proof that their active ingredients are effective for eliminating bed bug infestations except for Lights Out .

It is important to note that some of these competitive products use ingredients like basic rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will kill things – if we ingest it, it could kill us. It may well kill every bed bug you can see to spray. However it is essential to point out that when you are dealing with a bed bug infestation only 40% of the bed bugs in that infestation are potentially visible at any given time. The rest are hidden away in places virtually nothing can reach (including pesticides), and the only way to kill these hidden bed bugs is with the unique residual compounds that are part of the Lights Out formula.

Bed bugs all eventually come out of hiding searching for their food source. That food source is us, and the bed bugs are attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale. That is why they bite at night, when we sleep. They follow our carbon dioxide trail while we sleep. The residual compounds in Lights Out non-visibly adhere to all sprayed surfaces and when the hidden bed bugs come out and crawl through those compounds, their mortality begins within a few minutes. No other competitive product on the market can provide this unique formula with these bio-engineered killing residual compounds.

Once again, Lights Out is the only safe, 100% non-toxic to humans and pets, bed bug killing spray that both kills bed bugs (within minutes of contact) and eliminates the bed bug infestation. Lights Out residual compounds will continue to work for up to thirty days after spraying.