You have now reached the point where you have decided on Lights Out as your preferred treatment option. The following information is intended to make certain that you will accomplish your ultimate goal of eliminating the bed bug infestation plaguing your home.

Where to Start

It is essential you follow the Guide For Use” on the product label. There are no shortcuts and each recommended step is essential if you want to make absolutely certain you properly treat the infestation. To begin with, each quart bottle will treat up to 300 square feet and all furnishings in the room to be treated. 300 square feet is a 20’ x 15’ room, so be sure of your room measurements. You will not need to treat hardwood floors, tile or linoleum flooring in bathroom areas. Applying Lights Out is the easy part. All the work comes in the preparation prior to spraying.

Preparatory Steps to Take Before Application

  1. Remove all debris from all floors, closets, drawers, shelves, cabinets and other enclosed areas (bed bugs will hide among that debris).
  2. Vacuum carpets and place vacuum bag and debris into tightly sealed plastic bags and dispose of properly.
  3. Move all furnishings away from walls to allow access.
  4. Remove all drawers, from all furniture, and place drawer on end so that the inside and underside of all drawers are exposed (remember bed bugs like to hide anywhere they can).
  5. Close all drapes and blinds so the surfaces may be sprayed (yes bedbugs will hide among the folded fabric).
  6. Remove all cushions and pillows from all chairs and couches.
  7. Remove any headboards and headboard supports, pictures, wall hangings, and any other fixtures, so Lights Out can be applied to all surfaces.
  8. Remove all bedding and pillow cases from all beds; place in plastic bags and then launder (replace after treatment has been completed).
  9. Separate the box spring from the mattress so the entire bed frame, its railings and wheel or support assemblies are exposed (bed bugs will hide up in any open channel metal or otherwise).
  10. Remove cloth from bottom of box spring and spray inside box springs. Carefully dispose of cloth inside tightly sealed plastic bag, as it may contain eggs.
  11. Turn off any fans or forced air units during treatment.
  12. Place trigger sprayer into bottle and make certain it is seated properly. Then shake bottle vigorously. Re-shake bottle every 10 or 15 minutes during application.
  13. Apply spray as a mist not a stream and apply to all surfaces.
  14. Porous surfaces should be sprayed so they are just damp, not to saturation.
  15. Carpets should also be sprayed, again just damp not saturated.
  16. In rooms with limited carpeting cracks and crevices should be treated with the sprayer set to stream setting.
  17. All surfaces should be allowed to properly dry before reoccupying the treated area.
  18. Keep sprayer moving at a rate of 3-4 feet per second.
  19. Do not overlap treated areas.
  20. Treat all surfaces including drapes, drawer surfaces, furniture joints, baseboards, and other surfaces in the room. Remember just make them damp no need to saturate.
  21. Treat all sides and surfaces on cushions, mattresses, bed springs, drawers, etc.
  22. For carpets start with all areas underneath or covered by beds, couches, chairs, and treat, as above, with the mist setting. Then treat all other carpet areas starting with the area furthest away from the exit; working towards the exit door.
  23. Once all surfaces have been treated, allow sufficient time for Lights Out to dry. Once all surfaces are dry, replace all furniture, drawers, etc., to proper locations.
  24. Place freshly laundered bedding on mattresses and pillows. Lightly spray bedspread or comforter.
  25. Lights Out will continue to kill insects for up to 30 days after application.

Although Lights Out is 100% non-toxic to humans and pets, we do recommend wearing rubber gloves and protective eyewear (our unique residual compounds do have a very slight gritty nature).

If you follows these instruction as recommended you may rest easy in knowing that you have just treated your home with a 100% non-toxic to humans and pets bed bug treatment and saved yourself thousands of dollars off of what a pest control company would charge. Lights Out will kill all bed bugs within minutes of contact and continue to kill for up to 30 days following application, thus effectively eliminating the bed bug infestation.

We are proud to have the independent laboratory testing from the prestigious American Academy of Entomological Sciences certifying the efficacy of our product and that certification document is available for viewing on our website.