The epidemic of bed bug infestations occurring in many cities in this country right now has tended to focus a very specific use for our Lights Out product. We offer a 100% non-toxic to humans and pets treatment option for effectively eliminating bed bug infestations. We proudly offer the Lights Out product as the only safe and natural bed bug killing spray with true independent laboratory testing certifying its safety and efficacy.

Not Only for Killing Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, becoming somewhat lost in this desperate need people have to safely treat their bed bug infestation is the very important fact that Lights Out can also be safely and effectively used for a variety of other insect problems. It is probably fair to say that many of these other insects invade more homes on a more regular basis than bed bugs. Bed bugs become an acute problem for the home owner or apartment dweller and must be dealt with immediately and with maximum impact.

Many other insects are a chronic problem in home or apartments, and for many have become “something to live with” and are only treated when they exceed some sort of personal comfort level.

Lights Out can also be used to eliminate…

  • cockroaches
  • ants
  • carpet beetles
  • millipedes
  • fleas
  • ticks

If you read the previous article on the original development of the Lights Out formula, it was noted that this formula was bio-engineered to utilize a molecule in its unique formula to react with the molecule found in the body chemistry of a certain class of hard-shelled insects; of which bed bugs and all of the others mentioned above are included.

Who among us have not had ants in and around our homes? My first apartment in Maryland many years ago was continuously plagued by cockroaches in the kitchen, which I would dutifully spray with an insecticide, only to see them return in due course. I recently learned of someone who extolled the virtues of our Lights Out product to eliminate a bed bug infestation, and was still using a commonly available pesticide to treat an ant problem. Let me stop here and emphasize an important point.

There is no longer any reason to spray poisonous insecticides anywhere in your home if you wish to treat any of the insects listed above.

Lights Out is NOT designed to work against spiders, bees, or other insects not listed here. I am sorry to say that if these critters are what is troubling you, unfortunately you are on your own. Do not poison your home, yourself, your family or your pets for no earthly good reason!

The subject for my next article is going to be pesticides and their devastating potential effects on humans and pets. This is not something I like to write about, or even think about, but everyone should be aware of the potential consequences of using insecticides. As always I never tire of pointing out that Lights Out is a 100% non-toxic, to humans and pets, treatment option for the killing of bed bugs and most importantly the elimination of the bed bug infestation. It is also a safe treatment option for a variety of other insects and is designed to replace the use of poisonous insecticides in and around your home.