In my previous blog entry I discussed “Googling your way to the truth.” Simply searching the MSDS of any competitive bed bug killing spray and then researching the active ingredients listed on that MSDS in Wikipedia for their generally accepted uses. I clearly stated that no matter which manufacturer of a so-called safe and effective bed bug killing spray, whose active ingredients you researched, would you find any evidence that these ingredients were effective in eliminating a bed bug infestation, that is of course, except for Lights Out.

Lights Out is the only 100% non-toxic to humans and pets bed bug killing spray with true independent laboratory testing* certifying that Lights Out is safe, kills bed bugs, and eliminates bed bug infestations. This brings us to the question noted above “How Do They Get Away With It?”

The rule all manufacturers must abide by, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is a manufacturer may make any claim they care to, about their product, as long as they have a “good faith” belief that their product does what they claim it will do. Now you could take mostly any liquid water, Windex, rubbing alcohol, etc. and pour it over a bed bug (or any insect for that matter) and you would stand a reasonable chance of killing it by drowning alone. You could even smash it with the bottle and kill it. I guess you might even be able to say that these actions then provided a “good faith” belief that your product kills bed bugs.

But let’s come down out of the stars and into the real world where actual science is employed and I ask all other manufacturers of so-called safe and effective bed bug killing sprays to “SHOW ME THE TESTING!” And by testing I mean true independent laboratory testing that certifies that the product being tested is both safe and effective for eliminating bed bug infestations.

Now I want to stop here and make a very important distinction: just killing bed bugs is not good enough for eliminating the infestation! So you could have other products that do seem to kill some visible bed bugs, as noted above, but this is meaningless to actually eliminating the infestation, because unless you are able to kill the bed bugs that are hidden (60% of the bed bugs in any infestation) the infestation will just keep regenerating itself no matter how many visible bed bugs you kill.

Lights Out with its unique residual compounds is the only safe and effective bed bug spray that will kill the visible bed bugs, within minutes of contact, and then kill the hidden bed bugs, continuously, for thirty days after spraying and we have the testing to prove it. Now about at this point you might be wondering why do not the other manufacturers, making their bed bug killing claims, also submit their product for true independent laboratory testing? Lights Out certainly did and they could also.

This brings us back to the “How Do They Get Away With It?” If you submit your product for the testing and the testing now contradicts your claims, then according to the FTC, you are no longer entitled to your “good faith belief” for your claim and you must immediately cease and desist making that claim, or risk being fined out of existence by the FTC. I guess they are really not interested in finding out that their product really does not work to eliminate bed bug infestations, so they can continue to claim that it does. Lights out is proud to have this testing and we urge all conscientious manufacturers to do it also.

American Academy of Entomological Sciences, J. Brown PhD, “Certification Documents For Lights out Product”, 2/26/14