I realize that the title I used for this article is a rather provocative, if not cryptic, lead in to the subject I am going to discuss here, but hopefully it is the “attention getter” I mean it to be. I might also have used the title “When Is The Truth Really A lie?”

Most of you probable realize that it is a play on words, of sorts, of Jack Nicholson’s famous line in A Few Good Men. It seems what I have done here is taken a specific statement made by Mr. Nicholson and altered it for my personal designs and intentions. My reason for doing this and making my rather lame play on words is to suggest that this is also being done by Lights Out competitors who are using an independent laboratory study, performed, by entomologists, at a respected university (Rutgers) , and just as I have done above shaped it for their own personal designs and intentions.

The net result is the suggestion is being made that this Rutgers study, which dealt with “Natural Pesticides For Bed Bugs” (3/26/13), has found that their product a so-called safe bed bug killing spray is effective for killing bed bugs. This is where the “When Is The Truth Really A Lie?” part comes in. Now this Rutgers University study by entomologists Wang and Singh titled “Natural Pesticides For Bed Bugs” (3/26/13), involved the testing of multiple so-called natural pesticides, on the market, for their efficacy in achieving bed bug mortality.

This is a good place to stop for a minute and explain that there are two very important aspects of achieving bed bug mortality: killing them and then most importantly eliminating the bed bug infestation. Just killing them is not good enough; you must kill all of them or you will never eliminate the infestation. Without killing all of them the infestation will just keep re-generating itself. In any given bed bug infestation only 40% of the bed bugs are visible, at any given time, and the rest are either hidden behind walls, in cracks and crevices, or exist in the form of newly laid eggs, which will hatch in 7-10 days and then you have an entire new generation of bed bugs to battle.

This Rutger’s study that tested all of these natural products found that most of them did not work for achieving bed bug mortality, but, to be fair, it did also find that there were two products that did achieve bed bug mortality, albeit it took 10 days for the bed bugs to die. It is rather difficult to accept the performance of a product, to be truly efficacious, if it is taking ten days to work; especially if you are being bitten while you are waiting for these insects to die. But more importantly the study also found that these products that took ten days to work were worthless for eliminating a bed bug infestation.

You can look it up; I have given you the name and date of the study and you can find it on line just as easy as I did. Now where does the “manhandling of the truth” enter the picture? These companies whose products were found, by a true independent laboratory study, to be “worthless for eliminating a bed bug infestation” actually quote the study on their website as having found that their product kills bed bugs. It did say that, but it also said, about that specific product, “worthless for eliminating a bed bug infestation”! Somehow that rather important point was left out of all of the quoting on the study, on the website.

Hence, in my opinion, you have some definite “manhandling” of the truth here and can even make the point “when is the truth really a lie?” Now enough of the competition and their questionable practices; I simply want to point out some genuine facts; let’s call them “When Is The Truth Really The Truth?” The answer is easy when you have true independent laboratory testing certifying your product’s safety and efficacy.

Lights Out has this testing and has been found to be safe, effective in killing bed bugs, and most importantly effective in eliminating bed bug infestations. No need to play with the truth when you can just tell it!