A product guarantee is generally a very good thing. What better way for a manufacturer or a vendor of a product to stand behind their item than to state “Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!” Please stop and consider for a moment the possibility that sometimes a product guarantee can be used to promote sales of a product, that indeed does not perform as claimed, with little risk to the manufacturer and in fact only the intention of using that guarantee for their own financial benefit. When it comes to “guaranteeing” bed bug killing products there is far more at stake for the consumer than just losing their money on a worthless bed bug killing product, this guarantee can also do considerable harm. Every day wasted while attempting to treat a bed bug infestation, with an ineffective product, only allows the infestation to become more widespread and more difficult to treat later. Reason dictates that seeing a “money back guarantee” on a product is intended to provide the consumer with a certain comfort level for the “guaranteed” item or service. Certainly the average consumer would almost always decide to select the product with the guarantee over a competing one that does not offer this same guarantee. This now brings us to this article’s title “When A Guarantee Means Gotcha!” and here is how the consumer can be taken advantage of with a guarantee of dubious validity.

There are several so-called safe bed bug killing sprays available in the marketplace.One only needs to search that very term “safe bed bug killing sprays” and there will be a list of them. Some are sold directly off of the manufacturer’s website and others are sold both by the manufacturer and other websites offering any number of other products also. Certain of these “safe” products, or the websites selling them, offer a “money back guarantee”, if not satisfied. How is the consumer supposed to know if the bed bug product they are considering for purchase really performs as claimed? I would always begin by identifying and researching the ingredients used to manufacture that product. The ingredients contained in all of these products are readily available on-line on a Manufacturer’s “MSDS Form”; this is short for Material Safety Data Sheet and all manufacturers are required to file them with the government, for each product they sell. One simply needs to search for the product name in question followed by MSDS and you will find this form. Contained within this form are all of the ingredients in that product and if you are interested in finding out if that product is effective for killing bed bugs and most importantly for eliminating a bed bug infestation then make a note of these ingredients and then search for their actual uses in the manufacturing world. I looked at the first seven so-called safe bed bug killing sprays that came up in my search and then opened their MSDS Forms and noted the ingredients: clove oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, essential oils, cinnamaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate and citrus oils were among the primary ingredients I found in these products. Each product had their own formulation of some of these ingredients. I urge everyone who is interested to do their own research on this. Search these various ingredients and add the word “uses” after the ingredient; you will learn that some of these ingredients are used in the food and beverage industry, some in spa and aromatherapy products, perfumes, cleaning supplies, but not a one will be indicated as being used to kill bed bugs and eliminate a bed bug infestation. If you were to research the specific product you will also find that none have true third party independent lab testing certifying that they are safe and will indeed serve to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Yet with some of them the manufacturer, or the product vendor, offers a “money back guarantee” with the full knowledge that their product has never been independently tested or proven to actually perform as claimed.It might even be logical to suggest if a manufacturer truly believed in the efficacy in their product, to eliminate a bed bug infestation, they would jump at the chance to submit their product for testing. Imagine being able to make your claim and say you can prove it, in the only manner that is worth believing and that is true independent testing. So what gives with offering a “guarantee” on a product that, at best, the manufacturer can only “claim” works and, at worst, may know full well that it does not. The simple answer is those offering worthless guarantees fully realize that most people will never bother to return their product. Their customer is not refunded the original shipping and handling charges and must also pay to send back the returned product. The return is usually just not worth the bother. The manufacturers and web site vendors offering these guarantees are not selling a bottle of safe bed bug killing spray, that they know will work, but rather they are selling a bottle of “guarantee” knowing that that the only thing that will really work are the profit numbers for them, in the end.They will offer a few refunds and pocket most of the profits from a worthless product; good work if you can get it. But the bottom line is “Just A Guarantee That Means Gotcha!”

At this juncture I think it is time for the drum roll and the answer as to where I am going with all of this. There is only one 100% non-toxic to humans and pets bed bug killing spray, on the market, with true independent laboratory testing certifying both its safety and efficacy and that is Lights Out Bed Bug Killer and Insect Spray. Lights Out has this independent testing as performed by the American Academy of Entomological Science. This testing certifies that Lights Out is both safe and performs as claimed, to help eliminate a bed bug infestation. Again I urge all interested parties who may be skeptical of the Lights Out claim. Read our testing certification on our website and then please check out the credentials of the American Academy of Entomological Science. You will find that they are most certainly an independent testing laboratory and operated by Dr. Jeffrey Brown one of the most renown forensic entomologists in the world. Dr. Brown is not signing his name to any certification letter bearing his labs letterhead, unless he completely believes in the findings he reports.

One of the most asked questions we are asked here at Lights Out is the question of “what about a Lights Out guarantee?This is obviously an appropriate question and certainly germane to this article and the truth be told we at Lights Out do not offer a “guarantee”. So despite all the negative reporting I have done on those who do offer a guarantee for their product, that does not work, and all of the chest thumping I have done for the Lights Out product, that does work as claimed, how do I have the nerve to even write on this subject, because on the surface it appears that I refuse to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak?The main reason we cannot offer a guarantee is due to the fact that about one half of our orders are for only one quart and we know that for most bed bug infestations one quart will not be a sufficient amount of product to eliminate a bed bug infestation. We make it clear on our website (and on the product label);: “one quart of Lights Out will treat 300 sq.ft., approximately a 15’ x 20’ room”.Most homes or apartments are certainly larger than 300 square feet and unless the bed bug infestation has been identified within a day or two of its onset, it will have spread to multiple rooms in the home and more than one quart will be necessary to implement an effective treatment. If the bed bug infestation has been going on for 90 days or longer the treatment protocol will need to be repeated 2-3 times over a 30-60 day period. Yet fully one half of our customers only purchase one quart and we know that will not be sufficient enough product to eliminate their infestation.Now to be fair many customers do come back to buy more, after only purchasing one quart and finding out it really works. We understand, because we hear it all the time, from people who have previously purchased so-called safe bed bug killing products, that did not work (some with these “guarantees”) and we are well aware that creates an instant skeptic for our Lights Out product, but many never purchase more than one quart and how can we offer a “guarantee” when we know the customer has not purchased enough product to allow Lights Out to do its job effectively? We could almost guarantee that if you do purchase only one quart it will not be sufficient product to treat your infestation. Yes many people are looking for magic in one bottle and unfortunately, for many others, financial considerations affect their purchasing power, but we will not “guarantee” a result that we know in many cases is just not possible. The other problem in offering a guarantee is that the “Directions For Use” instructions, as detailed on the label, must be followed in order to achieve an effective treatment.This can involve hours of work, prior to application, and includes things like removing all clutter from the room, moving furniture to properly treat baseboards, taking out drawers and their contents, removing certain window blinds and draperies, separating the mattress and box spring for treatment and then removing the cloth cover from the bottom of the box spring for disposal, and certain other steps. Our experience tells us that many people are either unwilling or often unable to perform all of these steps and therefore cannot do all that is necessary to achieve an effective treatment. So how can we “guarantee” what our customers will or will not do once they have our Lights Out product. We do guarantee that we will be here seven days a week, for our customers, to assist with all treatment, application, and bed bug questions. We also know, from experience,that if our customer purchases the amount of product they need to effectively treat their bed bug infestation, follows the “Directions For Use” on the label, and treats 90 day or longer infestations multiple times they will ultimately eliminate their bed bug infestation.This will all be accomplished safely and effectively, without having to use poisonous pyrethrin based pesticides in their homes. Lights Out remains the only 100% non-toxic to humans and pets bed bug killing spray, with true third party independent lab testing, available on the market. It is only available at www.lightsoutbedbugkiller.com.