If you have finally arrived at the Lights Out Bed Bug Killer website it is probably fair to say that you, most unfortunately, are afflicted with a bed bug infestation. It also stands to reason that you are considering safe alternatives to the dangerous poisonous sprays which are commonly available in your local supermarket or home center.

How can you tell if the can of bed bug killing spray you were looking at in the store contains poisonous ingredients? Simply closely examine the label on the can and if there is an EPA registration number on that label, then you are looking at a poisonous spray, requiring registration with the Environmental Protection Agency. Now it not my intention to spend very much more time discussing the wisdom or ramifications of spraying poisons inside your home; as I mentioned before if you have already come to Lights Out you undoubtedly know that this is a very bad idea, using poisonous sprays. Often time poisons are effective against bed bugs and other insects; however it is important to note that there are studies out there demonstrating that bed bugs have begun to develop immunities to these poisons and pass those immunities along to future generations of bed bugs. More ironically the people spraying these poisons, in their home, do not have this same immunity and the only effect the poison is going to have, is on them, their families and their pets.If you would like a bit more information on this subject then please read my blog article titled “Pesticide Regions Linked To Autism-Is Your Home A Pesticide Region?” There are also a few links to some excellent articles and scientific studies at the bottom of the home page of this website.

My real goal here is to talk about the very real harm that the other so-called safe or non-toxic sprays available on the market can cause. When you go through the list of ingredients in many of these products you will see names like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is used in hygiene products, sodium chloride or common table salt, citric acid, various essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy, compounds found in fragrances, fruit and floral based compounds; literally not a thing here that should strike terror in the heart of anybody or anything. Now we arrive at the relevant question and the real basis of this article; how can a product that seemingly contains only harmless ingredients be so damaging to a person? I refer to these products, in my article’s title, that do not work to actually eliminate a bed bug infestation, as “snake oil”, for a good reason, as by Webster’s definition “snake oil” is” any of various liquid concoctions of questionable medical value sold as an all-purpose curative, especially by travelling hucksters”.I should also add that many of these “snake oil” products, which years ago gave rise to the phrase, caused significant bodily harm in their own right. The harm these ineffective bed bug products can cause, is in its own way even more insidious, because it comes at you indirectly.

Everyone knows poison is bad and we should avoid it and on the other hand we tend to believe harmless ingredients cannot hurt you, but is that really so true? This harm regardless of how indirect it is, still takes multiple forms: money wasted on a worthless product, dollars lost on furnishings discarded, time wasted using said product to no effect, thus allowing the bed bug infestation to grow and spread even further throughout your home, chronic anxiety, insomnia, constant scratching of skin lesions, scarring, or most critically provide the basis for a damaging, even deadly, health risk that can impact you and your family.

Time is not your friend when you have a bed bug problem.Fast effective action is critical.Using the wrong product costs you time because you only find out that it is not working, after you have waited for it to begin to work, which will not happen. As time passes, without a proper treatment, more and more eggs are laid, giving rapid rise to an even larger more difficult infestation, which then takes even more time and a greater effort to be rid of.

For many years it was believed that bed bug bites were of little medical concern. Even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) had published information to that conclusion. However in a 2012 Clinical Research Study performed at the University of MississippiMedical Center and published in The American Journal of Medicine titled “Bullous Reactions to Bed Bug Bites Reflect Cutaneous Vasculitus*”a far different conclusion was reached a “bullous reaction, to a bed bug bite reflects the presence of a local, highlydestructive cutaneous vasculitis.” Furthermore this vasculitus “…. developed into adestructive, necrotizing vasculitis…” In layman’s terms a “bullous reaction” is a skin blister filled with fluid , indicative of an infection, which can lead to a restricted blood flow to vital organs and tissues, sometimes permanently damaging them or even anaphylaxis, which is a potentially life threatening allergic reaction. The doctors and scientists conducting this study observed 357 bed bug bites and 6% had this “bullous reaction”. I will post a link to this study on the bottom of our home page, but I caution you, besides being quite medically technical the pictures are not pretty. Many of you might want to stop after the first page.

Now what does this University of Mississippi Medical Center study have to do with the potential harm caused by those “snake oil” bed bug sprays I spoke of earlier? Well let’s just imagine that some of those unfortunate 6% of people who contracted this “bullous reaction”, to a bed bug bite, used a so-called safe and non-toxic bedbug spray believing that it would eliminate their bed bug infestation. The study did not concern itself with what products were used on the bed bug infestation; only an individual’s cutaneous reaction to the bed bug’s bite, so we really have no way of knowing what was used. But it is probably fair to say a few people did use a non-toxic product that was worthless for eliminating a bed bug infestation and now they not only still have their bed bug problem they have contracted a serious potentially life threatening condition, with that “bullous reaction” to a bed bug bite named in the study.This is the epitome of the well-worn cliché “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem!”

I am often asked by people who finally find Lights Out on the internet and have wasted time, money, and maybe even some health on ineffective non-toxic bed bug products;“how do these manufacturers get away with their claims?” “I tried their product and it does not work”! Rather than go into the full explanation here I urge you to read my previous blog article “The Truth-They Manhandle The Truth!” This article will give a more detailed explanation of this question and permit me to get this article finished in a more reasonable number of words. I can only caution anyone looking to purchase a safe bed bug killing spray to ask the manufacturer to provide the true third party independent laboratory testing certifying their product’s safety and efficacy, for eliminating a bed bug infestation. If they cannot provide this third party independent testing stating that their product is effective for eliminating a bed bug infestation the chances are pretty good it will not work to eliminate that infestation.

If I can be permitted to finish up with a very bad pun and that is there is light at the end of this tunnel and that light is Lights Out! Lights Out most assuredly has true third party independent laboratory testing, from the prestigious American Academy of EntomologicalSciences. The certifying letter is posted on this Lights Out website and it clearly states that”…. Lights Out is safe and effective for eliminating a bed bug infestation….” I urge all doubters, disbelievers, and the chronically skeptical to check out the credentials of the American Academy of Entomological Sciences; they are a serious organization dedicated to providing true independent lab testing and they are not lending their name to anything but proven results. Lights Out is proven to be 100% non-toxic to humans and pets and will eliminate your bed bug infestation.It is always available here at www.lightsoutbedbugkiller.com

*Bullous Reactions to Bedbug Bites Reflect Cutaneous Vasculitus

RichardD. deSharo, MD, Mark F. Feldlaufer, PHD, Martin C. Mihm Jr. MD, Jerome Goddard, PHD, The University of Mississippi Medical Center,

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