Lights Out Bed Bug Killer recently reached a milestone that we never contemplated or even thought possible. We began our website offering our 100% non-toxic to humans and pets bed bug killer and insect spray approximately one year ago. At that time I recall eagerly anticipating our first order and hoped more would follow, after that.

A few days ago October turned into November and almost commensurate with that change of months we recorded order number 1,000. We have shipped orders to 49 of the 50 states in the union, including Alaska and Hawaii, and only have not had a customer from Wyoming. I am certain that there are bed bugs in Wyoming, it’s just that Lights Out has not killed any yet; but I am confident we will soon. Now I am willing to swear, on a stack of bibles, that there was never the remotest possibility, in my mind, when we started out, that we would get 1,000 orders in our first year.I had no idea what was possible, but 1,000 orders had never occurred to me or would I have believed it would happen. I did know that there was a bed bug epidemic currently running rampant in the United States and I suspected (maybe just hoped) that many people affected by this epidemic would welcome a safe and effective product (and one that actually worked), instead of having to use the various poisonous (pyrethrin) based products commonly available on their local retailer’s shelves or on-line. Calling in a pest control company also provided a “poison only” option. Well I can emphatically state today that there are 1,000 people out there who purchased Lights Out, during 2015 (and more every day), and discovered that they can indeed effectively and safely treat a bed bug infestation with our marvelous product. Lights Out remains the only 100% non-toxic bed bug killing spray that has true independent third party laboratory testing certifying both its safety and efficacy. No other so called safe bed bug spray (that we are aware of) has this true third party independent laboratory testing and it is our opinion that this is true because none of them really work, according to their claims. There are certainly many of these so-called safe products currently being sold in the marketplace and they all make some pretty bold claims and of course the question that comes up now is “how can a company make a product claim that is not true or backed up by independent testing?”Those of you looking to learn more on this subject should read the article I wrote last year (it is on this website) “How Do They Get Away With It?” Suffice to say they do get away with it; as immoral and improper is not always illegal, according to the law.

There have been many lessons we have learned during our first year in business and despite our 1,000 orders I now believe that we would have had 10,000 orders if it was not for the existence of these other so-called safe bed bug killing products that do not really work. We speak to people almost daily who say to us “sure your product is probably the same as these other safe products I tried that did not work!” We can only respond by pointing that we have the testing to prove that Lights Out really works and that testing was performed by the prestigious American Academy of Entomological Sciences and by all means check into the credentials of the AAoES and we think you will find they are a very legitimate independent testing laboratory; world renown actually. If you are not going to believe their findings then you will not believe anybody else’s either. What is so hard for me to accept are not so much the missed orders, that the previously burned skeptics never gave us, but rather the many thousands of people who waste their money on an ineffective safe product, only to find that their bed bug infestation only worsens and then end up believing that their only option is to use a poisonous based product for treatment. I should point out here that research has now shown that many strains of bed bugs have actually developed immunity to the pyrethrin based poisons contained in over-the-counter products and those used by pest control operators and now they are no longer effective either (for more information on this subject please read my blog article “Bed Bugs With Immunity Infest With Impunity!”) Now I do not believe in wishing harm on anybody, but the past year of talking to people who have literally had their money stolen away by these so-called safe products, that do not work (and not to mention the wasted time resulting in an even worse infestation); but I do now wish that the people at these companies responsible for selling these worthless products should become afflicted with a bona fide bed bug infestation and be sentenced to having to use their own product to rid themselves of it; perhaps we would see fewer of them.

Another very difficult lesson we have learned is that more than half of our customers do not purchase enough product to effectively treat a bed bug infestation. One quart of Lights Out is enough to treat 300 square feet (a 15’ x 20” room). We make very certain this information is available many places on our website and certainly on the product label also.Most bed bug infestations go beyond just one room and depending on the size of a residence may require a gallon or more. If the infestation has been in existence for 90 days or longer then it will require two or three applications, over a few month period, to effectively eliminate the infestation.The impact this has for us at Lights Out is despite our efforts to inform our customer about product need requirements, if we are ever going to hear from a customer that Lights Out is not performing to expectations, it will always be from an individual who has only purchased one quart and obviously needs more to rid their home of the infestation.Remember just killing bed bugs is not sufficient to eliminate an infestation; you must also have the ability to kill the bed bugs that emerge from the eggs the females lay, which generally do not hatch for 7-10 days after they are laid.Only Lights Out has the unique residual compounds that adhere to all treated surfaces and will continue to cause bed bug mortality, for 30 days after application. If you do not kill these newly hatched bed bugs the infestation will simply keep regenerating itself. On the other hand we get many calls and emails from customers who have heeded our product need requirements and the recurring theme to those is typically “Thank You”! It is these customers who have made all our efforts here at Lights Out so worthwhile. When we stop just long enough to realize that everyone we have helped to safely rid their home of a bed bug infestation is a person or an entire family that we were able to keep from spraying a harmful poison in their home; there is a satisfaction inherent to that which goes far beyond commercial or profit considerations. So for all of our customers we have helped we simply want to say “we are sorry you needed our services, but thank you for believing in Lights Out”!